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Energy Policy Analysis

“Energy” has both a strategic value and social implications. Wise use of energy results in a higher quality of life and economic expansion of a nation. However, it must be done with an understanding of the environmental impact on the global scale. We have been studying the supply-and-demand balance of energy resources in the Pacific Rim region and how it affects global greenhouse gas emissions.



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Infrastructure Analysis

Many industrial facilities were built 50 ~ 60 years ago. Since then, structures have been built above ground, leaving the underground infrastructure inaccessible. Along with our technical partner, we have developed an analysis tool to assess underground facilities. We provide expert analysis from data taken by testing contractors, which is used to plan future repair and maintenance work.

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Global Partnerships in Aerospace


The aerospace industry is fast-growing, and with the advent of new manufacturing tools, such as metal 3-D printing, many new players worldwide are trying to find a new niche in the marketplace. We have been monitoring major shifts in aircraft and small satellite markets and identifying gaps between demand and supply to assist small businesses in finding partners and large companies in finding investment opportunities.



Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)

We are also involved in establishing global alliances and public-private partnerships with entities from around the world.

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