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Trade Development Assistance


Infra Innovations has been selected as the Washington State representative for the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)


JETRO helps U.S. companies to establish branch offices in Japan quickly and cost effectively by providing expertise, resources, and industry connections. Because JETRO is an independent agency of the Japanese government, they are able to provide many services free-of-charge.


Infra Innovations works with JETRO to promote collaborative partnerships between Japan and the USA in a number of ways:


- Two way trade - Promoting both outbound and inbound trade between Japan and the US

- Assisting US companies to establish a foothold in Japan, or use Japan as their Asia hub to expand into the rest of Asia

Educational/Research Exchange


Infra Innovations promotes collaboration between civic and educational institutions:


Mie University and South Seattle College - cooperative education and exchange


City of Kobe and Everett Community College - human resource development in aerospace


Mie University Medical School and University of Washington Medical School - Student exchange  program


Regional economic development


  • Promoting regional economies both in Japan and the US to create jobs, promote advanced manufacturing, and research and development in certain key areas (aerospace, life science, ICT, and clean energy)

  • Washington State and Japanese Central Government (Memorandum of Understanding for industry, government, and educational cooperation)

  • Mie Prefecture and Washington State (collaboration agreement)

  • Aichi Prefecture Legislative Council (lecture on regional economic development through enhanced utilization of regional airports)

  • Saitama Prefecture (Regional Industry Exchange Program)


Trade Missions


  • Organizing trade missions with the goal of fostering mutually beneficial business relationships between Japan and the United State. Previous missions have included:

  • Wakayama Prefecture - oranges, plums, plum wines, and soy sauce

  • Mie Prefecture - Iga beef

  • Kagoshima Prefecture - green tea, beef

  • Aomori Prefecture - apples, nagaimo

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