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At Infra Innovations, Inc., we offer pipeline inspection services and advanced technology products for the water, sewer, gas, and power industries. We inspect underground pipelines (water, sewer, and gas) for leaks and corrosion. In addition, we employ the inspection technique to detect potential problems (pipe leaks and electrical discharges) in high voltage underground electrical systems. After inspection, we assemble repair teams from various technical partners and implement and manage repair and maintenance work if problems are found.

Our People

We are a small, independent business consisting of a highly skilled team of dedicated and innovative technicians who take pride in solving complex problems for our clients.  We are passionate about our integrity and problem-solving skills.  No project is too small, and we aim to provide customized service for our clients.  Our team has worked in many different parts of the world.  Where there is a utility infrastructure problem, we are ready to mobilize and tackle it.

Our Mission

We believe that our planet can use some help from engineers like us.  We are proud to be engaged in the Global Humanitarian Technology (GHTC) movement.  We are an active partner with the GHT section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).  Our corporate mission also includes providing clean water and sustainable cooking fire in developing countries in Africa.  We believe our mother earth can use a good engineer.

Our Guiding Principles
  • Service: We provide customer-focused engineering services that produce value, results, and satisfaction.

  • Respect: We treat each other and those we serve with courtesy, consideration, and respect.

  • Stewardship:  We strive to be good guardians of the resources and projects entrusted to us.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the first and the best choice for utility solutions.  Be it electrical, water/sewer, or gas pipeline systems, we implement our skill and knowledge in utility inspection, testing, and innovation to develop an optimal solution to meet our customers' needs.  We strive to integrate science, technology, and savvy business acumen to provide the most cost-effective solutions to our clients' utility problems.

Contact Us

We are always looking for opportunities to apply our problem-solving skills.  Please contact us with your most challenging system inspection and repair needs.  

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